FS Huancayo

His sire *Magic Dream is a bodly charismatic stallion of world-class quality with an elegant neck, huge eye-sockets and the small ears, substantial structure and animated movement. Seeing him in person leaves a lasting impression. He has earned international recognition for the quality of his offspring. His dam, the big grey mare, *Haya Reyna (BR) contributed an array of significant characteristics: a well laid back shoulder as well as strength and substance of body.


*Magic Dream CAHR Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Heritage Memroy El Magato
Heritage Labelle
The Dreamspinner Aristo Kossak Ariston
Four Winds Kalifa
Myrilinan Acledo Gai-Adventure
Jem Mar Amyri
*Haya Reyna (BR) BF Renaissance Bey Shah Bay El Bey
Star of Ofir
BF Gaffi Siloette RHR Scimitar
Halyne El Jamaal Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
Hilah El Shaklan El Shaklan
SV Hileela