*Ansata Tashreef (USA)

Ansata Sirius × Sherifa Tamria
Color Grey
Breeding Purebred Arabian
Bloodline Straight Egyptian
Breeding Fee R20 000 Frozen semen available

A rare treasure anywhere in the world.  A Straight Egyptian stallion, *Ansata Tashreef (USA) was bred by the legendary Judith Forbes and is one of the very last Arabians produced by the world-renowned Ansata Stud.  A very handsome and athletic grey stallion, he has distinguished himself as a breeding sire, with several outstanding foals bearing testimony to his pre-potency, while he also made his mark in the show ring and on the endurance track.  He has successfully completed seven 80km endurance rides, and while carrying a heavyweight, impressed with extremely low pulse-rates.  *Ansata Tashree (USA) commands the attention of any serious Arabian horse enthusiast as this is an opportunity unlikely to occur ever again.



Ansata Sirius Ansata Iemhotep Prince Fa Moniet The Egyptian Prince
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21 Farag-1 Farag
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21 Farag-1